Your Multilingual Presenter of Corporate events, Award ceremonies, seminars, webinars, dealer meetings and product launches throughout the world. 

Companies she has worked for: Ford Motor company, Bayer, D’Ieteren, Barco, Samsonite, Daikin, Esso, Coca Cola, NN, etc. 


– Professional presentation skills with an elegant style.

– Perfect fluency in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

– Well prepared, precise, and very organised.

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Hi, this is Anne De Baetzelier

Fluent in 4 Languages

Anne possesses a Foreign Language University Degree.

On top of Dutch, her mother tongue, she is also fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Her stage presence, her stylish radiance and multilingualism make her one of the

most popular international presenters for the most prestigious events.



Anne De Baetzelier has been hosting events since 1989.  She is by far the most experienced and reliable host you can find in Europe.  Together with her stage presence, her multi-lingual capabilities and her gift to make people be at ease on stage with her, make sure that your event will be hosted to perfection.
She often is called upon to help organise and plan the event, this due to her experience and knowledge of what could go wrong during an event.  Preparation is key, as has been proven time and time again!  



The ceremonies need to be hosted in a somewhat relaxed ambiance.  The people that are coming on stage are not always at ease in front of hundreds of people.  The job of the host is to make these people share their story, to make them be proud of what they achieved.
Anne has hosted the biggeste and best Award Ceremonies throughout Europe.

Moderating a 


Moderating a debate or meeting at a higher level demands professionality, poise, presence and confidence.  This way you can guide the group of people along the path that has been laid out by the organiser.  This asks for preparation, concentration and focus during these events.
Anne De Baetzelier has done this many, many times before, so you are assured of an impeccable host that can guide you through all the steps.



Webinars are the modern way of communicating with your audience!  
With the expertise Anne has by working for the commercial channel VTM in the Belgian landscape, she has her stage presence, her self-confidence that radiates towards people who are not ready to be on screen.

Her ability to calm the nerves by taking charge of the meetings, gives everybody the opportunity to say what they need to say on screen, is a big added value to the webinars.

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